Volunteer Opportunities

Team Leader - Vegetable Propagation

A exciting, yet challenging position, for a Team Leader in charge of the growing of vegetables in the Copped Hall Walled garden has arisen. The 4 acre Walled Garden and its Greenhouses became part of the Copped Hall Trust estate in 1999 and since then the volunteers have taken the garden from complete dereliction to its now celebrated status.

The growing of Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables in the Copped Hall Walled Garden is achieved entirely by dedicated volunteers, with various levels of horticultural skills, often in Greenhouses that are still in the process of restoration. The candidate would need to be able to work as part of a Team but be in sole charge in the growing of vegetables.

The candidate would need the following skills;

  • Understand the fundamentals of vegetable growing, including the correct planting seasons.
  • Have knowledge of Greenhouse production of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc
  • Ability to do manual work including the digging of beds.
  • Ability to work with others in the Garden in the cultivation of fruit, currents, gooseberries etc.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills so as to encourage and organise volunteers yet provide a happy and rewarding environment that encourages existing and new volunteers to continue to support the project.
  • General organisational skills; e.g. Liaison with Trust representatives on projects (including monthly project review meetings), the timely availability of petrol and spares for mechanical aids, cash management, and buying seeds and equipment in accordance with a budget.
  • Basic business acumen; Provide produce to be sold to volunteers and to visitors and ensure waste is minimised by on selling produce externally when there is a glut of produce.

The candidate would be expected to attend most Sunday mornings when the majority of volunteers are on site, especially so when Copped Hall is open to the public, when attendance for most of the day would be required. In addition the equivalent of 2 days mid week would be needed especially in the summer, to ensure watering and other maintenance duties were performed.