Principal Staircase

The Principal Staircase was one of two constructed in the core of the house in the 1750s; a wooden staircase for use by the servants and a Portland stone for use by the family and guests. The wooden staircase was destroyed in the 1917 fire but the family stone staircase was not. It was not smashed out until the 1950s for safety reasons and possible reuse of the stone. The Trust has been progressively restoring the stone staircase as funds permit using highly skilled specialised contractors. As at September 2019 the staircase has now reached 1st Floor level and the L shaped landing, of Portland Stone has been recreated. We are currently raising funds to support the construction of the next flight.

Can you help?

Although we have full details of the design of the stone staircase risers, treads and landings, we have very little information concerning the design of the handrail components – the balusters (probably a cast iron pattern), handrails and newel posts. Do you or your relatives have any old pictures taken of the staircase before its destruction? If so we would love to hear from you. Please Contact Alan Cox, our Architect.