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The Trust has charitable status and was established in 1993 to achieve the following objectives:

1. To acquire the freehold of Copped Hall, its gardens and other related parts in order to permanently protect them under benign ownership.

2. To implement the Trust's restoration and conservation policies (in both concept and detail) for the mansion, ancillary buildings, gardens, walled garden and grounds.

3. To establish uses that, by their very nature, contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the place. These uses would include archive, museum, study centre, exhibition, recitals and associated activities.

4. To allow a degree of community use together with pre-arranged controlled public access.

Our Postal Address

Copped Hall Trust
Stables Courtyard,
Copped Hall, Crown Hill,
Epping, CM16 5HS

Chairman: Alan Cox

Trust Secretary: Vic Knope

Other Trustees: Philip McKinder, Richard Speller, Louise Robertson, David Burton

Finance Manager & Assistant Secretary Greville Norman